Glow Gold Honors Night

Childhood cancer affects more than just the child. It affects the families and communities around them. Join us for our annual Glow Gold Honors Night and show support for all the families that battle this horrible disease. 

Come out as we honor the fighters, celebrate the survivors and remember the angels. Take part in the one-mile honor walk and enjoy the singing of clouds by local choir. 

Food and drink included in the entry fee costs as well as all the activities. Bring the family and have fun on the bounce houses, dunk tank and new for this year the bungee trampoline! With all the proceeds going to Sammy's mission of raising funds for childhood cancer research! 

Schedule of Events:

4:30 Gates open for fighter families

5:30 Gates open general admission

4:30-6:30 Bounce houses, Bungee Trampoline, Games, Burger bash, etc.

5:45 Dancers during activities

Lynette’s at 5:50

Barbs at 6:00

6:15 Welcome/Sponsor acknowledgement (in stands)

6:20 Angel/Fighter Family Recognition

7:00 Keynotes: Jake Beresch and David Spence

7:15 Balloon release/clouds choir

7:20 Honor walk

7:45 Raffle drawings/silent auction closes

Cancer families can still register for the 2017 Glow Gold Honors Night, but we cannot add any names to the family shirt past 8/18/17. We can't wait to see you!

Meet our Keynote Speaker! Jake Beresh, a childhood cancer survivor

In January of 2003 when Jake was a 5-year old Kindergartener, he began having very mild headaches.  His parents were concerned so they took him to his pediatrician.  On a hunch, the pediatrician sent the family to Children’s Hospital that afternoon for an MRI.  The MRI results showed a lemon-sized tumor smashing Jake’s brain and taking up ¼ of his cranial space.  The family was immediately admitted to Children’s Hospital and learned that night that Jake’s tumor was inoperable because it had a huge blood supply.  It was thought to be a benign brain tumor or a malignant sarcoma, but even a biopsy was too risky as well because of the extreme hypervascularity of the tumor – basically Jake would bleed to death if the tumor was cut into in any way.  Thankfully, his doctors at Children’s did not give up.  They sent Jake’s scans around the country and a doctor using a new procedure at the University of Iowa agreed to try to embolize Jake’s tumor to make surgery possible.  On his 6th birthday, Jake went to the University of Iowa for that experimental surgery.  He was stabilized for a couple of days and then ambulanced back to Children’s Hospital l in Omaha to prep for the tumor removal.  During that surgery to remove his tumor, Jake lost 3 and a half times his total blood volume, but he survived with the expert skill of many surgeons, doctors and nurses.  A couple of days later, his family got the devastating news that the tumor was not the benign brain tumor they were hoping for, but instead a highly malignant pediatric bone tumor called Ewings Sarcoma.  Usually occurring in the bones of the legs, arms or torso, Ewings Sarcoma occurs in the skull less than 1% of the time.  The battle to save Jake’s life had just begun.  Jake went through a grueling year of chemotherapy with week-long stays at Children’s for 14 rounds of chemo.  He missed most of Kindergarten and first grade.  He also endured almost 6 weeks of radiation at The Nebraska Medical Center in which he suffered a third degree burn to his head.  His treatment also involved hundreds of days in the hospital, daily pokes, countless scans, blood and platelet transfusions and many doses of medications.  

Thankfully, Jake is now 14-years cancer free.  But like most childhood cancer survivors, Jake deals with life altering side effects from the highly toxic treatment he had to endure.  Jake has permanent hair loss, missing skull, which limits his ability to participate in activities, heart damage, tooth and bone damage to his face and head, neuropathy in his feet and ankles, learning disabilities from chemotherapy and difficulty with his immunity.  Because of the damage from surgery and radiation to his skull and sinuses, Jake is at very high risk of bacterial meningitis.  As a freshman in high school that risk became a reality when Jake contracted bacterial meningitis and was hospitalized.  Thankfully, he survived that too.  Despite Jake’s medical challenges, he graduated with honors from Millard West High School in 2015 and was a State Champion Debater.  Jake just started his junior year of college at Nebraska Wesleyan and is studying history education.  Jake is an officer for many organizations at school and is a pationate volunteer.  He is the Vice President of College Against Cancer at Wesleyan and volunteers for the Omaha CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer and as a counselor at Camp CoHoLo.  

NEW FOR 2017

Bungee Trampoline

New for 2017 is the bungee trampoline! Your kids will love it!

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